Featured Jeeper – Alex Traver

Alexander Traver

Today I bring to you a young man who is fairly new to the Jeepin world but already hooked! Residing in Texas, Alex is almost 18, birthday at the end of this month.. (Happy Birthday early Alex!!) who resides in Texas. As a college student, he has all the great dreams and hopes for the future, I am sure for himself, but for his Jeep as well.. But finances can be a little tough during college years.

Alex runs a 1995 Jeep Cherokee as you see in the picture above. He doesn’t have the time he would like to be able to do a whole lot of off roading but when he can he hits the dessert or plays on some land his family owns.

One of Alex’s favorite Jeep off roading quotes he told us is “Hold my drink, I wanna try something.”

We asked Alex if he could have any modifications done, what would they be?
Alex told us “Any modifications huh? I’m building my rig on a student budget, so realistically, I’d love a tire carrier (Detours Tailbone Ideally), a lift which I’m slowly piecing together, front fiberglass fenders, and some interior work. And tires. :)” Pretty fair I would say, but I bet he could think of some more if money wasn’t an factor! 😉

When Alex was asked what was his best/worse modification he told us “Best mod so far has been, don’t laugh, fixing the switch in my overhead lights. Worst mod, I don’t know yet. Haven’t done it yet.” We are not laughing Alex… we totally understand!

Alex told us he us not a member of any off roading clubs or anything like that as he doesn’t get the opportunity to get around to wheeling as often as he likes. His Jeep is also his daily driver, and he has to rely on it for school, work, etc.

Alex started messing around off roading as soon as he was able to drive and t is the best thing in the world. He stated he definitely wouldn’t drive anything off road other then a Jeep. When asked why, because face it, there are other options, his response was because Jeeps are simple and so easy to modify. He may be young, but he sure isn’t dumb!

Thank you Alex for allowing me to share your Jeep experience!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. That’s about the age my boyfriend and I started out too. Today, almost 12 years later, we are married and each have our own Jeeps. We love the freedom of being off road and our 10 year old twin boys are already hooked. In a few years I imagine we’ll be a 4 Jeep family, getting down and dirty!


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