Breaking in the Inexperienced Teen Driver Off Roading Style!

Your kid is getting to that driving age… that time you begin to cringe when thinking about your daily driver taking on some unknown but visualized in your wildest fears – abuse!

When thinking about a vehicle for a first time driver that would be able to take what an inexperienced driver could do to it, you may want to consider a Jeep. They are fun, not too expensive and can handle just about anything that you can think of as far as entertainment, hauling, and sports and an inexperienced driver. Just think, rather then putting the rest of the world in danger on the road, you could take your teen to the trails and teach him/her defensive skills they would never get in any driving school setting! And have fun while doing it!

Of course it gives you a great excuse to add a few Jeep modifications in to the mix and you could even justify them! You could justify adding a lift kit to manage the varying terrain of many trails. Some great mudders claiming it is a way to teach your kid skills for when they get stuck in sticky situations. Of course a winch for numerous justified reason with foremost of course being safety! Safety is one of the biggest lessons in driving after all – right? is here by your side to help you support your efforts in teaching a youngster responsible driving. If something does break, we got you covered. And just think, the lessons in driving you give your inexperienced driver will create long lasting memories, and definitely a Jeep off roading partner for life! 

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I think I am starting to grow tired of looking for a good driving instructor for myself. Can any good kind soul advise which is the best way to find one? I have no preference or budget as long as he is able to help me pass my driving exam. Thanks a million. Drop me an email please.


  2. Off road in my Dad’s Jeep is how I started my lessons in driving. Since there was not much traffic I didn’t experience the unease of trusting something I had no control over. Those were special times for me and my Dad that I will always treasure. I lost my Dad several years ago and I have a son who is nearing the age I was when I first was allowed behind the wheel. I have a newer Jeep than what I learned in and a considerable amount of experience both on and off the road. I’m ready to walk in my Dad’s footsteps and introduce my son to the fun of driving off road. Hopefully, it will mark the 3rd generation of Jeep enthusiasts in my family.


  3. Yeah right! First, you have to have a Dad willing to let another person behind the wheel of his pride and joy. I tried this very argument on him several times over the last year. He always tells me to go talk to Mom. She has a newer car but for cripes sake it’s a station wagon. Guess if I ever want to drive a Jeep I better start saving my own money. As for the driving lessons, I’ll just wait and take them in the school’s car.


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