XRC 8 Comp Series Winch

XRC 8 Comp Series Winch

Most people never invest in a winch, and if they do, it’s not a good quality one. It’s not because they are foolish or cheap. It’s because they don’t see the need to have a winch on their Jeep. After all, if you get stuck in a ditch you can just call a tow truck to get you back out, right?

Not always. If you are traveling in a very rural area and accidentally end up in a ditch or stuck in the mud, it could easily be hours before help can come. It’s also possible that you could be in an area where cell phone coverage is spotty at best. In this case, you may not be able to call a tow truck and would have to walk to the nearest town or house to find a phone to use, a feat that could prove to be dangerous. A winch would allow you to tie the rope around a tree or sturdy telephone pole and simply pull the Jeep out yourself.

Same thing if you are off road a lot. You can easily find yourself in trouble and needing to have your Jeep pulled out of a tight spot. A winch would allow you to do just that without having to rely on someone else. If you’re out with friends, you can even pull your friends back onto the road if they end up being the ones in trouble.

Every XRC 8 winch has a Planetary Gear System with 172.8:1 gear ration and a 5.5 HP Series Wound Motor. The line has a rating of 8,000 pounds and you won’t get any kinks, curls, or wire splinters from this rope. It’s designed to prevent slipping and overheating and installs without a hassle. It even comes with a replaceable hook and offers features and toughness that you need in a winch at a price that is affordable and is a great value for anyone who wants a winch.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. My first one was the cheapest I could find. The first time I went to use it, the cable snapped. They replaced it since it was less than 30 days old. Second time, same story. I got rid of it and bought a good one. Not quite as good as this one, but very serviceable. I learned my lesson the hard way. Cheap doesn’t necessarilly save you money in the long run.


  2. I learned about the need for a winch the hard way. I went off road in an area I was not familiar with, and got hung up on a rock ledge. I had told no one where I was going. Hindsight, which is always 20/20, told me I had 2 strikes against me before I ever got started. To add to the excitement I forgot my cell phone. Not that I could have told anyone where I was, since I had no idea myself. I knew the name of the nearest town, but had no idea of the direction I was from there. I ended up walking over an hour before I found a house. Thankfully, Jerry was a fellow Jeeper who knew right away from my description of the area exactly where my Jeep was. He had a winch and was able to get me unstuck and on my way. My thanks to him! Now, I always let someone know where I am heading and if at all possible I go with another Jeeper. I have since had a winch installed. History will not be repeating itself!


  3. I’m in the market for a winch because I just bought a new Wrangler. The hitch on my old Jeep was in no condition to be transferred. The salesman told me about your site so I dropped in to see what I could find. I’m thinking this winch is just what the doctor ordered. I was so impressed with what I found that I’ve added you to my favorites, I’ll be back.


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