If you’re a serious Jeep off-roader you will know how important having a winch can be. If you or one of your off-road companions should happen to become stuck, you will wish someone had a winch on their vehicle. A winch can help you get of some sticky situations such as being stuck in the mud, or encountering some water that was deeper than it first appeared. A winch can be a life saver when your off-roading. After having to use it one time, you will be glad that you spent the extra money and time installing a winch on your vehicle.

If you choose to install the winch yourself, there are some things that need to be taken care of before and while you are installing your new winch. Below are instructions for installing your winch.
• First you will want to disconnect the negative cable from the battery and then remove the positive cable. This will insure that there is no juice running through your vehicle while you are working.
• The next step is to attach the fairlead to the front of the winch plate using two fairlead bolts with a torque wrench.
• Next attach the winch to the winch plate using four winch plate bolts. The bolts should be long enough to go from the back into the feet of the winch.
• Now you will need to unbolt the four bumper bolts located on your Jeep’s bumper that are used to hold the tow hooks.
• In this step you will require the help of a friend to hold the winch in place on the bumper directly over the four bumper bolt holes.
• While your friend is holding the winch in place, replace the bumper bolts through the holes located on the winch. This will attach the winch to your bumper.
• Now it’s time to wire it for power. Pull the black and red power cables located on the winch through the front grill of your jeep. You will have to run the cables past the radiator on the passenger side of the Jeep.
• Attach the red power cable from the winch onto the red battery post and tighten. Then do the same with the black power cable, attaching it to the black battery post in the same way.
• Once you’ve followed all of the steps you can now reconnect the battery cables and then turn on your Jeep to test your new winch.

If you have followed all of the steps, your winch should be up and ready to use.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. I am definitely mechanically challenged. You make this sound so easy, but no can do. I don’t know if it exists or not, but I need mechanics for dummies. My Dad will second the notion as he tried and tried to teach me the basics of vehicle maintenance. He wrote me off as a hopeless cause and told me to find a good mechanic. Thanks for trying anyway.


  2. I don’t have a winch, yet. There are times when I would like to go off road by myself but the fact that I don’t have a winch, limits those opportunities. I’m not stupid, I know if I drive the extreme terrains that I need to have immediate access to a winch. I feel as if I’ve been limiting myself so I’ve decided to have a winch installed. I haven’t been able to decide which one yet but you’ve given me some good ideas. I know I won’t be installing it myself. Some upgrades I’ll do, but I think this one is important enough to let a professional deal with it. A safety feature installed improperly kind of defeats the purpose.


  3. You really can’t over express the importance of having a winch. I was one of those doubting Thomas types until I got stuck and needed a winch to pull me out. A lot of times I go out by myself and this time I would have been ok if I had just installed a winch when I bought my Jeep. I had read the literature but I figured I was a good driver and would never need one. I guess that’s what I get for thinking!


  4. That’s quite a daunting list of things to do before you can install a winch. I do believe I will let the garage handle it. It may cost me a bit more than doing it myself, but I’ll know that it is installed correctly and will work as it should. If I’m doing the work, the outcome is iffy at best and if it is not installed right, who would I yell at?


  5. I thought I could do it, but I made a total mess out of it. I had to have my Jeep towed to the garage and and my mechanic got his laugh for the day on me. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. He told me, not for the first time I might add, that some guys should not assume they are mechanically inclined. I think I’m missing the tinkering gene!


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