Steps To Prolong The Life Of Your Off-Roading Vehicle

2006 Photo Contest 6th Place Winner - Fox M.

As ever off-roader knows, there are certain steps that every driver should take to insure that their vehicle is safe prior to leaving and hitting the trails. The steps that should be done after you’ve been off-roading are often overlooked, but if you make them part of your post off-roading routine, you will be prolonging the life of your vehicle.

Check Your Tires – It’s just as important to check the quality and air pressure of your tires after off-roading as it is to check before you head out. After all, you still need to make it home safe. Drivers should check the pressure in each tire and add air if needed. If you try and drive home on tires that are low you may experience problems handling the vehicle as well as cause damage to the tires and rims.

Clean Your Vehicle – Washing your vehicle after you have arrived home, will not only make it look nice but will also remove and debris that may have become lodged on your vehicle. A clean vehicle also makes it much easier for owners to notice any fluid leaks and damage that may need to be repaired before your next outing.

Check Your Fluid Levels – Maintaining the proper fluid levels in your vehicle is extremely important. While off-roading you may have unknowing damaged a hose or a fluid reservoir. Once you are done driving for the day and you vehicle has had a chance to properly cool, all fluid levels should be checked.

Clean Your Engine – Off-roading allows for dirt and dust to find themselves in locations where it typically wouldn’t be found. Find a location that offers you the ability to properly clean the inside of your engine. A clean engine will also make it easier for drivers to notice any leaks that may have suddenly developed.

Check Your Brakes – If your vehicle has drum brakes you should remove the drums and clean any mud or dirt that may have become trapped inside. If you leave the unwanted material inside the drum your brakes will wear down and you will need to replace them more frequently.

These are only a few tips to prolong the life of your vehicle, but if follow them you should be able to enjoy your off-roading vehicle for years to come.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Love that pic! I’ve seen a couple of guys in this predicament and been pretty close to it myself. The look on the drivers face is pretty telling. Over confidence will drown you every time!


  2. Classic picture! Glad it was him and not me. Went to the car wash this morning and there was a couple in there washing some pretty heavy dirt off of their Jeep. I had to laugh at the sign on the top of the front windshield. It was upside down and said, “If you can read this, flip me over!”


  3. I never understood the concept of running a vehicle into the ground and not taking care of it. I expect a lot from my Jeep and I’m willing to make sure it’s in the condition it needs to be to deliver for me. I sure can feel for that driver in the picture. I hope he takes the time to dry out and make the necessary repairs that go along with drowning your Jeep. Better luck next time…..


  4. Of course I take care of my Jeep. I didn’t know about drum brakes, until I had problems with mine. Now, I check them regularly too. Great site. Keep up the good advice. I do well with check lists and you have had some of the best.


  5. I’m all for cleaning up my Jeep but it looks like these 2 tried to take the easy way out by dipping it! The car wash would have been a better choice. Sorry for taking a cheap shot, but the picture just begged for it.


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