The Five Most Active Jeep Meets

The Five Most Active Jeep Meets

Jeep Club Meet

Fun activities are usually that much better when enjoyed with others. Off-road driving can be a great respite from the crowds and the noise, but after a few trips in complete solitude the desire to share the refreshing pace with others who also appreciate it can become overwhelming. That’s how Jeep meet-ups begin; those wonderful little clubs of “I know a great place where we all could have an adventure.” Of course, there are other reasons for joining a club. You can learn more about driving safely in extreme terrain, have a place for discussing how to fix or add parts to your Jeep, and discuss motor cross and formula events. But the greatest motivation of all is the common interest in off-road driving.

1. Meet-up points are generated all over the United States, including some surprising places like Ohio and Miami. In fact, Ohio has some pretty energetic Jeep clubs, of which the 4X4 Trail Riders out of Columbus are the most prominent. Although you cannot ride your Jeeps in the state parks, there are plenty of private and public off-road trails. Some request fees, others are the secret haunts of the meet up club. Ohio trails include creek beds, rocky, rough hills and flat terrain.

2. It should surprise no one that Colorado is a great place to meet up for those rugged trail experiences. There are four primary clubs coming out of Denver. The Down Lo Gay is pretty much how it sounds; a club for gay men, but not exactly for the delicate type. Another club, the Colorado Jeep People, encourage people of all ages and sizes. You don’t even have to own a Jeep; just be willing to go on an adventure. The RocOn 4X4 meet includes people in all stages of abilities and plan their off-road excursions from easiest to most difficult. The Charge Harder Colorado Crew is very broadly based, including motorcyclists as well as ATV’s and winter activities, such as snowboarding. Colorado interests include rock crawling, mud bogging, overnight camping and winter driving.

3. Pennsylvania has several meet-up clubs, some involving simple family entertainment, such as their annual turkey shoot. Other events deal with specialized memberships, such as Military Jeepers, for veterans and armed service members. The favorite meet up spot is the Rausch Creek Off Road Park. Open year round, the park consists of three hundred acres of easy, medium and hard trails. The terrain consists of rocks, bowls, hills and the glacial Rock Creek. The park is free for overnight camping but does not allow quads or bikes. It stipulates a minimum of two Jeeps on the trail and if it sounds like the place you want to go, get in contact with the area Jeep clubs for a meet up.
Jeep Wrangler off-roading in PA

4. California can’t get enough of off-road entertainment, with meet-up clubs extending through the entire state. The Rock Eater’s Club in Modesto is open to all four wheel drives, while the Sacramento club is Jeep specific. Santa Rosa’s Club is a family oriented, non-profit club located in the heart of the Sonoma wine country. The Santa Ana Club makes sure it sponsors at least one run per month. The On the Rocks Four Wheelers out of Castaic declares an enthusiasm for every type of four wheeling, from the desert to the mountains and from the beach to the snow. Like they say, California has is a little bit of everything. Jeep Speed, out of Southern California is dedicated to Jeep racing, rallying and adventure. It has online applications and a preference towards the Jeep Cherokee XJ. You can practically drop into any town in California and you’ll find a meet up club making their plans for every type of terrain driving, from races and competitions to environmental friendly meets, and even caravans from northern California to Alaska. Now that’s long distance driving!

off-roading in California

5. Las Vegas is not just a great place to go for gambling, it’s the number one city for Jeep recreational driving meet-up clubs. Jeep Fanatics hold meets for all kinds of fun: exploring old mines and ghost towns, overnight camping, river crossing and even a bit of a rage over geocashing are the norms in Vegas. The Desert Wranglers are a family oriented club that focuses on desert trails, national parks, monuments and recreational areas. You don’t need a special pass to go off-roading, either. The Las Vegas off-road is open to anyone with a Jeep, regardless of make or model. The group is very active and members are expected to drop in on a meet least twice a year. They favor trail riding, rock crawling and blasting sand dunes. The number of active members runs high in all of the Las Vegas clubs, and there is even a waiting list for some of them! Now you have something to do in Nevada besides placing bets.

Keep in mind, while these are the five most energetic areas, there are active meet up clubs all over the United States. When you’re planning your vacation, check online to find the Jeep clubs in your area, or wherever you intend to visit. Chances are, they’ll be planning a meet up and will be happy to invite you along.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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