A Jeep “Winter on the Rocks”

Many so-called off-roaders think that going wheeling is only fun during the summer, but the truth is, a real wheeler hits the trails regardless of weather conditions.  With that in mind, we will showcase one of the premiere winter off-roading events in the US, “Winter on the Rocks.”

A Premier Off-roading Event

“Winter on the Rocks” takes place January 25, 2013 – January 26, 2013 at the Washington County Fairground in Southwest Utah, about an hour and a half north of Las Vegas.  The trails for this event rival those of the famed Moab Desert.

How Can I Be Included?

Early registration is currently available for just $80.  The $80 allows one vehicle in and includes breakfast on both of the event days, dinner on Saturday night, 1 t-shirt and 10 raffle tickets.  Participants who sign-up for “Winter on the Rocks” before January 5th receive $30 in raffle tickets.

 Event Features

The event hosts 12 different trails, ranging from a difficulty level of 4 all the way up to trails rated as difficult as 9. Not prepared for the most difficult trails? Fear not, there will be a trail for all kinds of Jeeps and driver skill levels.

The “Maze”

“The Maze” has a difficulty level of 7 – 8 or more, depending on the weather.  This trail is not for the novice rider and it will require a rig that has a minimum of 2 lockers, a winch and tires at least 33”.  The event website says that riders should expect body damage and/or mechanical breakdown on this trail.   We recommend updating to a winch with a minimum pulling capacity of 8,500 pounds.
People who enjoy trail riding without too much danger will love the West Rim and Fault Line trail.  It is rated 4-5, but also has optional areas if they want to test out a trail rated 8plus.  This trail leads to many of the rougher trails in the event.

Anyone going to the event will want to make sure their vehicle is outfitted with the most current equipment and should always have an emergency kit with them just in case they, or someone else finds themselves in danger.  Safe riding is the only way to ride.


Have you participated in Winter on the Rocks or a similar Jeep event? If you have, tell us about it!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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