Top Gifts for the Off-roading Enthusiast

One thing about off-road enthusiasts is that they always have a new part or mod on their wish-list. Usually, it is something relating directly to their vehicle; suspension kits, lift kits, new tires, a new soft top, a winch. In some ways, it just depends on how deeply you want to dig into your pockets. For kits, tires, soft tops and many other vehicle accessories, however, you need to know the vehicle’s make, model and year. Below we’ve outlined some great gift ideas for anyone with a Wrangler.

Vehicle Accessories
Vehicle accessories do not have to be expensive. If the enthusiast already has a winch, new tow straps, rope or chains and hooks are always welcome additions. Brush guards, grill guards, light bars and roll cages are great additions that most off-roaders would welcome with the same level of liveliness as receiving cash for Christmas.

Jeep Wrangler Car CoverJeep Covers

There is a common characteristic about all off-road trails, whether they are gravel, sand or dirt. They all kick up a lot of dust. Off-road enthusiasts love their vehicles, and want to keep them protected. An emergency Jeep cover is great for the over-night off-road camper, and keeps the vehicle clean and sheltered from the wind, rain and snow when retired for the season.

Seat Covers

For the driver who prefers the open air while cruising, a back seat cover creates pure happiness. Upholstery covers will give the seats longer life and create a much easier cleaning experience after a rock crawling, mud bogging or long distance off-road trip.

For the Road Warriors…

As well as knowing the vehicle, it’s good to know what the driver does with it. While some drivers only take their vehicles out on the weekends for a bit of challenging off-road racing, rock crawling or mud bogging, others take a great deal of pleasure in long-distance driving and exploring new or remote off-road trails. Many of these drivers are well-prepared, so it’s important to learn what they have and what they are lacking.

A GPS is EssentialGPS

An on-board GPS finder is a fabulous gift for the driver who hasn’t installed one yet. Even though most smart phones now carry them, it’s dangerous to consult a smart phone and drive at the same time. Not only that, cell phone reception can be rather shaky in remote areas. If you’d rather give a more modest gift, a digital compass is a welcome gift to the exploratory off-road driver.

A Radio

Another consideration for the wanderer is a CB radio or a solar charged weather radio. A CB radio is a life-line for the stranded driver and a weather radio can alert the enthusiast as to unfavorable conditions, such as floods, avalanches or mud slides.

Jeep Tool Kits

Your off-road enthusiast might need a new mechanic’s tool kit. Sockets, wrenches, pliers, screw drivers have a habit of getting lost or misplaced, yet are vital to any off-roader’s equipment. Other emergency equipment would include a fire extinguisher, flash light, fold up shovel, tire repair kit, hydraulic and off-road jacks, a 12 volt air compressor and extra fuel or water cans that mount into place. You might even consider a canister of dehydrated food rations or beef jerky for that long distance driver.

Fun Items

Off road enthusiasts like to be prepared for any emergency, but their purpose in going off-road isn’t to use up their emergency equipment, it’s to have fun. So why not a video camera that could be mounted to the vehicle? Not only would the enthusiast have something to talk about, the driver could show the highlights of that off-road excursion. GoPro makes a great camera that is highly durable and shoots in full 1080p video and can mount to just about anything.GoPro Camera

A unique little item is a coffee maker that can plug into the lighter. The enthusiast would stay alert and have fresh coffee all day. Or, you could go the old fashioned way, and give a brand new coffee thermos. Electronic adapters are useful items for that off-road enthusiast who still enjoys electronic pleasures. Adapters are needed for keeping cell phones charged, as well as lap tops, tablets, camcorders or computer notebooks.

For off-road enthusiasts, their vehicles are their home away from home. Think in terms of the vehicle and what it’s used for, and you’ll be sure to find just the right gift to make a wonderful holiday for the off-road driver.

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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