2018 Jeep Wrangler With 30mpg EcoDiesel?!

New 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Edition Just as 2014 Jeep sales are set to get underway, new details regarding the next generation of Wrangler rumored to debut in 2017 are coming out. CEO Mike Manley hinted strongly that Chrysler’s new EcoDiesel V-6 very well may find its way into the new Wranglers as an option for 2017.

So, What’s the Diesel?

While diesel Wranglers have been available and sold on the European scene for some time, this would be the first diesel drinking powerplant put into a Wrangler and sold on North American soil. The motor is no slouch, either. Chevy’s bout into the economy diesel market is represented by a V-6 3.0 liter diesel engine making 240 horsepower and over 400 foot pounds of torque. That’s a whole lot of off-roading power and a bright spot for the die-hard wheelers who will thoroughly refuse any Jeep offering that might be a less capable 4×4, regardless of fuel efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, the EcoDiesel expected to be seen in the new Wranglers also happens to be the same motor in the 2014 Grad Cherokee, earning 21 mpg/city, 30mpg highway for the 4×2 models, and 20/28 mpg for 4×4 models while being able to tow over 7,400 pounds. In the Wrangler frame those numbers are mighty inciting while still providing ample torque for weekend wheeling.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When asked about the new Jeep Wranglers moving toward smaller, turbocharged motors: CEO Mike Manley – “Potentially. As you know, petrol turbo in extreme off-road circumstances doesn’t actually help you because the turbo’s not with you, so we have to make sure that we have the right torque to deliver the capability, That’s why diesel is great for something like Wrangler.”

Setting The Stage

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is setting America up for a diesel Wrangler as an option for the next generation, 2017 model year. Wile this “rumor” is all but confirmed, whether or not the Grand Cherokee is a success itself is still to be foreseen. After a 21% increase in Cherokee sales from 2011-2012 to a high of 155,000 units, the 2014 models experienced a price increase over 2013. This is a definite cause for concern as many consumers complain of Jeep’s fee hikes as pricing them out of the market. If or when the EcoDiesel comes to the US under the hood of a Wrangler, keep your eyes peeled for a decent price hike. The lingering question is – If the new Wrangler is offered with the EcoDiesel V-6 and comes with a significant price hike (say, $5,000), would you still buy one?

UPDATE: Ward’s Auto reports Jeep CEO Mike Manley has verbally confirmed the 2017 Diesel Wrangler

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Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


    1. It would be a huge leap for the company, but I think you may be
      surprised. Wrangler sales have been growing and an extremely fast pace
      and the brand is stronger than ever. They need to expand. A pickup truck
      is the perfect way of doing so. The JK-8 conversion pack has been well
      received and is in high demand; even if Jeep only produced a truck
      version of the Wrangler in a limited capacity, it will sell and be

      The diesel is almost inevitable as many,
      including the CEO have predicted it. The Cherokee is more than likely
      just a test mule for a Wrangler diesel.


      1. nope you are completely wrong andrew the reson for the ecoD is not cause of that let me explain. When jeep got bought out by fiat EU auto brand, alot of the build and EU platform came to USA the JGC is one that is the first ecoD overhaul pkg. Reason cause its a towing family car and it would be a challenge to VW TDI. Alot of ppl want a diesel for Wranglers for better tq and better mpg. But let me ask you this do wranglers tow alot? That is what the GUY across the pond are going to ask. Never the less it would mostly likely become and available pkg but no Manual for the 8 speed trany cause jeep wouldnt build a new tranny and motor platform unless its a gaurteed pay day
        this is just an imo and speculation.


  1. ok sense everyone here seems to be idiots i’ll put out a question.. why has jeep never offered a diesel in america? because diesel means commercal. so what commercal aspects are they bringing to the table? you know there is a carbon tax comeing so diesel will costs you even more. i understand more and more people might live in Rv’s because of jobs. well there you go.. Rvs .. no more pop-ups.


  2. between crime rates and price of living in a city most jeep owners will be forced to live in the under or un developed roads. taking your home with you as you travel for jobs..


  3. I’d love to see Jeep build the truck just like the AEV Brute conversion. No doubt there would be legal issues to sort out, but AEV pinned the tail on the donkey. Add the Diesel and you got something. But seriously… hitting the $50,000 mark is a bit difficult to digest.


  4. honestly it wont be though cause as part of the new EU division diesels arent that uncommon only in the us its odd. more likley 2 be crapped on by flying politicants or uncle sams for some dumb taxe. I would be interesting 2 see what jeep dose. but be fair warned the eco diesel will mostly likey only come with auto due 2 the new 8 speed and dont see much of jeep making a new tranny just for the hell of it.


  5. Mahindra already has a great tried and true jeep copy with a diesel power plant. And a price tag that would put one in every american driveway. But it appears that the freemaket economy allows the big three to bribe enough of the right people to keep them away.


  6. I would buy immediately if it docent happen I been considering going to Europe and buying a Diesel and bringing it to the states.


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