Will Jeep Ditch The Iconic Solid Front Axle for IFS in 2017?


When you think about Jeep you think about the Jeep Wrangler.  And when you think about the Wrangler you picture it on the trails, flexing on rocks, crawling over obstacles and stretching out that iconic suspension.  Unfortunately for the purists among us there are rumblings that fuel economy, and as a result weight savings, may take precedence over the more than 70 year tradition of Jeep.

4-2014-wrangler-rubicon-x-edition-granite-Jeep-ExtremeTerrainRumor has it that Jeep will ditch the traditional and deeply loved solid axle design for an independent front suspension.  This, along with aluminum body panels are changes said to be put in place on the 2017 Wrangler to save weight and comply with today’s tough fuel economy standards.  Other changes include even more electronic intervention to increase fuel efficiency.  Even with all of these reported changes, Jeep promises us a new generation that is just capable as all of its predecessors.


Jeep seems to know that when they change the Wrangler they are playing with fire.  They will be sure to tread lightly when it comes to major changes that will anger the deeply dedicated Jeep followers and ultimately hurt their own bottom line.  That being said, we’ve seen what they recently did to the Cherokee, so we can never be sure.


While development of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler started earlier this year, it will likely be over a year before we have hard facts about the new generation.  Until then, all we can do is hope that Jeep continues the long and storied blood line of the Wrangler with another completely capable out-of-the-box hardcore off-roader.


Image Source: Jeep.com

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."


  1. Personally, I’m against the independent suspension. And have praised Jeep for holding on to the traditional straight axles. I owned 10 Jeeps, have 2 now, looking at buying a new one, but not at all impressed with them going to independent.


  2. I’m also against the independent suspension. I have 3 Jeeps, 1 TJ, and 2 JK’s. I love my solid dana 44s. It will be a sad day for jeep lovers everywhere when the dana 44 is gone. I do like the idea of a diesel tho. Drive low and slow my jeep friends.


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