Barricade Jeep Bumpers

Barricade’s Full Line-up of Wrangler Front and Rear Bumpers

One of the first upgrades Jeep owners make to their Wrangler are bumpers and Barricade offers some of the best options when it comes to off-road ready bumpers and equipment. Barricade is an industry leader in aftermarket Jeep parts, creating some of the toughest and most reliable parts on the market. One of the main staples of Barricade is without a doubt their line of Wrangler bumpers, which offer a variety of options for any level of Jeep enthusiast.

Barricade Front Bumpers

Wrangler Front Bumpers by Barricade are a cut above the competition in construction and quality, which is why they have been so successful in the Wrangler aftermarket. When searching for bumpers, Jeep owners are looking for a mix of performance/functionality as well as styling, which is what embodies the Barricade brand.

A highlight of Barricade’s front bumpers is their use of the factory fog lights. All too common in the bumper aftermarket is the complete lack of fog light compatibility, which is why Barricade took the approach of designing their bumpers with the ability of being able to reuse factory fog lights. The Trail Force HD is one of the brands most popular bumpers, which utilizes the factory fog lights in their design.

Also remarkable about the Barricade Front Bumpers is their ease of use with winches and D-Rings. A lot of aftermarket manufacturers leave you high and dry when it comes to two of the most valuable features to Jeep enthusiasts, but Barricade takes this into consideration with the design of their bumpers. Barricade Bumpers like the Trail Force HD offer a built in winch plate that is rated up to 12,000 lbs with high strength D-Ring mounts built in.

Barricade Rear Bumpers

Like their front bumper counter-parts, Barricade’s Wrangler Rear Bumpers offer just as much reliability and performance for Jeep owners. As seen on the Trail Force HD front bumper, the Trail Force HD rear bumper also offer built in D-Ring mounts making hooking up to tow-line really easy and worry free.

Another great feature on some of the bumpers is the built in tire carrier. With room for up to a 37″ spare tire, the tire carrier takes the weight off of your rear tailgate and put it directly on the bumper. This eliminates the issue of warping your tailgate and hinges with that all too common sag that a lot of Wrangler owners experience.

Barricade Bumper’s Construction and Finish

A hallmark of the Barricade brand is their construction and finish. Barricade bumpers are constructed from 5/32″ heavy duty steel, which is the perfect balance between weight savings and all-around strength.; they save weight but do not crumple under pressure. The majority of Barricade Bumpers are coated in a high-quality powder coating that is made to hold up and give a long lasting finish.

One of the best parts of Barricade Bumpers is that they offer Jeep enthusiasts an incredibly well constructed part while not breaking the bank. A lot of bumper manufacturers charge an exorbitant amount for their bumpers, but Barricade bumpers offer their high-quality product for a very reasonable price, something we can all get behind.

Barricade has some amazing offerings for Wranglers and I look forward to seeing what they come up with for the next generation of Wranglers!

Written by Andrew

"You're telling me it's got four wheels, two seats and goes faster than the speed limit? Good, I'm driving."

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