2018 Jeep Wrangler Rear Side View

Leaked! 2018 Jeep Wrangler To Get 3 New Top Options, Including Glass!

Recently leaked info has outlined three completely new types of Jeep Tops that will be making their way onto the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Initially reported by JLWranglerForums.com, an anonymous source with dealer connections who has already provided the online community with a considerable amount of info on the new Wrangler that has proven to be true, added more fuel to the fire with the latest details on the JL Wrangler’s Top.

According the anonymous source, there will be three options to chose from when it comes to spec-ing out your Wrangler’s Top: a power soft top, a panoramic glass hardtop, and a true 3-piece hardtop. We knew the 2018 Jeep Wrangler was going to a different roof/top setup, but we never imagined we’d get options like these!

Speaking to Jalopnik.com, the administrator for JLWranglerforums.com said, “Our source has told us the traditional soft top will be replaced by powered soft top panels that fold down. There will be an optional hardtop glass panel resembling a panoramic sunroof but likely to not be completely unobstructed view due to the substructure. The next Wrangler will also come in a true 3-piece steel roof hardtop.”

2018 Jeep Wrangler Power Soft Top

It appears that the current soft top is going to be getting a redesign and update with powered version that should make going topless even easier. Traditionally, the Wrangler’s soft top has been low-tech and manually adjustable, but the upcoming JL Wrangler seems to be ditching that for convenience.

One does wonder how much weight this may add to the new Wrangler, as well as how easy it will be to completely take the top off. There has been no word yet if this new soft top will be fully removable, however, it would be hard to imagine it wouldn’t.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Glass Hardtop

What is easily the most surprising ‘top’ announcement is the idea of an optional glass hardtop roof for the next-gen Wrangler. Although it sounds like it won’t be completely panoramic due to supporting substructure for chassis rigidity, the fact that a Wrangler could come equipped with a glass roof really teases the imagination.

Imagine it now: riding down your favorite trail, crawling over rocks in your new ’18 JL Wrangler, taking a short moment to stare up and around at the world, all from inside your climate-controlled Jeep. While this definitely won’t be a Jeep Hardtop for every enthusiast, it stands to reason that this will be a popular option amongst true enthusiasts and casual drivers alike.

2018 Jeep Wrangler “True” 3-Piece Hardtop

While the current Wrangler offers an optional 3-piece hardtop currently that can be removed in portions (the area over the front seats), it’s hard to say what the specs on this new “true” 3-piece hardtop will be. Given the ‘true’ call out, it has some enthusiasts wondering if you will be able to configure the roof in three different layouts.

While it is important to think critically and question any information you get from an “anonymous source”, all three of these roof options seem entirely plausible and possible. Paired with the fact that this same source has been 100% accurate on other aspects of the new Wrangler, such as the new 4-cylinder turbo engine dubbed the “hurricane“, I think it stands to reason that the new 2018 Wrangler will be getting some updated top options for the new generation.


    1. It’s actually a fairly inexpensive and easy modification to do. I believe you can by the bracket set on eBay for around $300. After those are secured to the floor, you only need to find a rear bench seat to mount, and voila! Third row seating. It’s a bit tight, but can be done for at or below $1K.


  1. Awesome new change. Diesel fuel is hard to find for those who are waiting for that. The glass top sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see color selections this year. Last years blue was awful. One more thing…. be greatful for what you have…some people never are satisfied!


    1. For your consideration for a diesel motor; not only the cost for diesel fuel, but also for DEF for the environmental regulations. This fuel isn’t cheap. Somethings to research, for sure.


  2. Real Jeeps don’t have four doors. Real Wranglers definitely DO NOT HAVE INDEPENDENT SUSPENSIONS! They are already way over priced, now they want to add power soft top?!!! Who is THAT LAZY?!!!


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