2018 Wrangler Diesel Engine Test Mule

BREAKING: Diesel Engine Confirmed For 2018 Jeep Wrangler!

It the latest update on the 2018 JL Jeep Wrangler, we got another confirmation on engine options via a carefully captured spy photograph! Originally reported on by our friends over at JLWranglerForums.com, spy photographers captured images of a Diesel Jeep Wrangler out testing in the wild! According to the spy photographers, the diesel test mule was out testing in the desert with a group of RAM 2500 HDs that user the 6.7 Cummins Turbodiesel engine.

The Diesel Engine Discovery

For some time now there have been mounting rumors that Jeep is working on a diesel Wrangler for 2018 Wrangler Diesel DEF Tankthe model’s redesign; however there hasn’t really been anything else to go on other than ‘insider info’ that gets regurgitated throughout the industry.

In these recently captured spy images, the photographer was able to get close up shots of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank that is an integral part to a diesel engine’s emissions system- it was even outfitted with its own skid plate.  The engine was being tested in an outgoing JK body, but underneath it’s as clear as day- we’re getting a diesel Wrangler!

2018 Wrangler Diesel Engine Specs

As of now, all signs seem to be pointing to one diesel engine in particular: the 3.0L VM V6 diesel,  DEF Tank for Diesel JL 2018 Wranglerwhich is the engine of choice for the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. In it’s current production trim, the diesel engine makes 240 HP and 420 TQ with the help of a water cooled, variable geometry turbocharger (VGT).

By all accounts, the engine seems to be a world class economy diesel engine that can crank out power with efficiency and brute force. As of this time, there is no word on whether or not this engine will get tweaked at all before going in to the 2018 Wrangler.

The 3.0L diesel engine will join the growing line-up of Wrangler Engine options, which already includes the tried and true workhorse 3.6L Pentastar V6 and the newly added turbo 4 cylinder Hurricane engine, which has already been spotted testing.

Are you excited for a diesel Jeep Wrangler? Or is this going to water down the current options? Comment below with your thoughts!

Images courtesy of JLWranglerForums.com
Spy photograher: Brian Williams of SpiedBilde


    1. I drove a grand cherokee diesel fell in love.in the jeep about as awsome. As watching pam upton putting suntan oil all over her body.and with an mpg of 25 hwy and 430 ft trq its the perfect engine


    2. If I had my way every truck and jeep that I owned would have a diesel engine in it. You have more power plus your fuel economy goes up 30% and that is before you start putting on new toys the engine to make it more powerful. Plus it’s easier than working on a gas engine!!! “The farmer”


  1. Great news about a diesel engine option…hope the DEF tank and related plumbing is tucked away in a more protected manner in the production vehicle. The DEF tank in the photos looks to hang down even more than the evap canister for the gasoline engines.


  2. Not a fan of def. Regen is hitech.def is a patch if we develope materials to handle higher temps then we could
    more efficiently burn diesel this burning 80 percent is not pulling the efficience from the feul that we should be.


  3. Euro JKs have had the Italian LM 2.8 diesel since 2007. Just back with my Sahara UL after a week in the Pyreneees mountains. Chipped 4cyl gives unstoppable 220hp and 360torque. Not bad at 21miles/US gals. Needs better auto box tho.


  4. I called alot of dealers.. they all want the turbo engine. So that’s what’s going to happen. Small deciels don’t sell. Just means you guys will over weight your jeep causing all sorts of issues.


  5. I think it is an ideal combination and welcome it because truthfully it would give jeep a chance to be considered for military use again plus give the wrangler a better fuel economy when a full size diesel 1 ton truck gets better fuel mileage than a jeep there’s something wrong


  6. Have a Australian Grand Cherokee with VM 3.0 turbo diesel, it gets great fuel economy with power and torque to burn. Would buy a Rubicon tomorrow with the same motor and trans . Bring it on !


  7. A reliable “hard use ” diesel option for the JK , ESPECIALLY the Rubicon is not only long overdue, but confounding as to why the American JEEP hasn’t yet got the message. A lot of piggy banks are running over with savings (& patience running thin) for this buy . Even so far as to dream big for a tweaked version for the JK & JK Rubicon of this 3.0 TRUE & PROVEN ROUGH HOUSER.


  8. if it doesn’t have a manual in it i will not buy it. but if it does, i will be first in line to buy one. put a diesel in my TJ and i loved it. so for this to come factory i would love that and i know multiple that would also be excited and buy one also


  9. Long time diesel fan, except for that @#$%* Oldsmobile. Had an ’89 Citroen BX Turbodiesel in Germany. The first of the new breed with a turbocharger and intercooler. A bit slow off the line with only 90 PS and about 133 lb-ft. Had to turn the A/C off for five seconds when moving off at a traffic light. Had hydro-pneumatic suspension. Got hung up in snow? Raise suspension and drive out.
    Now have a 2013 Mercedes GLK Diesel. 369 lb-ft. Once got 4.9L/100 Km (48 mpg U.S); strong tailwind. Easy to get 6.0L/100 Km (39 mpg U.S.). Could probably drive from Ottawa to Toronto to Ottawa to Toronto on one tank if I tried. Never had a three way before. Major components – great. Details – annoying. DEF filler buried under three access covers. Filling DEF – no gauge – always spill. To change dash light brightness – fiddle around in the computer. Get into the car, everything lights up, except where to put the key. Changing clock time – a twice yearly mystery. No spare. This is a Mercedes?! Nevertheless, I love it. Smooth and quiet at speed – 120 kmh seems like 100. In Canada diesel fuel cheaper than gas most of the year, but not in winter when demand for heating oil rises. The most incredible combination of power and economy. I am 78 years old. Would buy a Wrangler V6 diesel if I were fifty years younger.


  10. It is about time. I would not buy one without a diesel. Question is will the first engine hold up. Should I wait a couple of years for debug.


  11. Waited to order my jl Rubi, was going to wait for the diesel but checked weight to power ratio. The jl with the new 8speed tranny is awesome,it’s bullet proof, the 3.6 has been around &I works. Why add another 200 lbs,& more $$. on wrangler for the extra torque,with the right gearing it will go anywhere. The extra mpg will never pay for itself-period. I love diesels in certain vehicles, but not in a new wrangler. Old jk conversion yes,but not needed with the 8 speed in a Rubi.Only my opinion, have owned many keeps,along with many diesel MB. The mpg in a MB diesel is worth it, have hit 50 mpg many times in my 2016 E class. But 4 to 8 extra in a wrangler is not worth the price & extra wt.


  12. Diesel motors are over rated . My ford work trucks have convinced me to never own a diesel at my employers expense. DEF additive just another problem to deal with . Sticky mess , EGR issues are never ending. And 300 dollar oil changes , fuel filter problems. I can go on and on . I have only owned Jeeps since 1980 . Will be buying a pickup soon . No V8 gas engine , I will not even consider the jeep .


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