2017 Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition

Coming Soon: 2017 JK Wrangler Special Edition Jeeps

If you’re familiar with Jeep’s marketing trend, you’re aware that they enjoy releasing limited editions. This can be specific trim levels or colors, making a vehicle that already has a tremendous resale value even more valuable.

Continuing that trend, Jeep is looking to end the Wrangler JK generation model with a bang, releasing a series of special editions throughout the year. The 2017 lineup will be the last of the JK lineage, making way for a totally new JL Wrangler model sometime in October- November of 2017. With that said, let’s look at what Jeep could possibly have in store for 2017.

2017 Sport Freedom JK Wrangler

One of the first special editions could be the Wrangler Sport Freedom model. It’s reported by Automotive News that the edition will pick up some similar styling cues as the previous Oscar Mike edition, with a star decal on the hood and rear fender, along with an American flag decal on the front fender and cowl.

It will also have 18-inch mid-gloss granite crystal wheels, a new heavy-duty rear differential cover, black fuel door cover and taillights. The two-door model will be priced at $30,690 and the four-door will have a sticker price of $34,590.

The Sport Freedom edition will go on sale in December and be available only until February, making this edition a very limited run.

2017 Winter Edition Wrangler2017 Sahara Winter Edition JK Wrangler

The second special edition will be called the Wrangler Sahara Winter edition, as the name implies it will pick up from a current Sahara edition with the new 2017 LED headlights and fog lights. It will also include, as a standard package, items that would normally be considered optional for a Sahara, like the remote start (with automatic transmission), premium rock rails and hard top.

It will have a series of decals along the hood, driver side front fender and rear fender along with the additional badging and accents. The two-door model will be $37,440 and the four-door model will be $41,240. The Winter edition will also go on sale in December and be available through May.

Other Special Edition JK’s To Expect

In addition to these two confirmed editions, there are reports that Jeep will offer additional editions throughout the year, which include.

  • Sport Big Bear Edition: Estimated availability from February through July
  • Sahara Chief Edition: Estimated availability from March through June
  • Rubicon Recon Edition: Which is set to replace the high-end Hard Rock when it ends production in February, at which point Recon edition is scheduled to be released until the end of the JK lineage run in September.

What are your thoughts on these special edition JK Wranglers? Would you rather own a special edition JK or hold out for an all new JL Wrangler in 2018? Comment your thoughts below!


Image credited to: wk2jeeps

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  1. We can go for the limited edition Oscar Mike comes with everything you possibly need but nothing else as a normal everyday driver if you’re going out rock climbing in Colorado then maybe you might need something different but I myself went for a pretty much all in one Oscar Mike 2017 paid 30 grand


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